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Many Russian Restaurant Owners in the US Oppose the War on Ukraine. They Still Face Bullying and Shame

Despite taking Russian imports off their menus and donating to causes, they’re struggling to stay afloat amid plummeting public perception.

The Best Restaurant Meals We Ate in 2022

Standout ramen and pastries in Cincinnati, super-fresh seafood in South Carolina, seriously good black garlic noodles in Hawaii, and so much more.

The Future of Fast Food Could Be Entirely Drive-Through

The ever-more prolific fast food drive-through reflects the fact that we’re not socializing as much anymore. When we are, we don’t want to do it in a Taco Bell.

The 8 Best Hot Dogs in Chicago

Hot dogs are practically everywhere in this city. These are a local expert’s favorites, thanks to no-nonsense charm and a climbable mountain of toppings.

A Full List of California Restaurants That Kept, Earned, or Lost Michelin Stars in 2022

Everything to know about the restaurants in Michelin’s 2022 California restaurant guide.

The Disgraced Fine Dining Restaurant Willows Inn Has Closed

After years of allegations detailing wage theft, sexual harassment, and racist bullying, one of the country’s most exclusive restaurants shuts down.

The 6 Most Exciting New Restaurants of November 2022

Chef Kwame Onwuachi’s ode to the Bronx, a highly anticipated Senegalese tasting menu in New Orleans, and more.

Snow Crabs Are Disappearing. Cajun Seafood Restaurants Are Worried

Snow crab season was canceled in Alaska this year after nearly 10 billion crabs disappeared. Seafood chains and independent restaurants alike are scrambling to adjust.

The Best Restaurant Dishes BA Staff Ate in November

Panisse from Gus’s Chop House in Brooklyn, a chopped salad at Boia De in Miami, and much more.

Why Bacon Still Has a Grip on Restaurants Everywhere

The bacon mania of the 2010s may have calmed down, but concepts like a new 24/7 bacon-themed restaurant in Vegas prove everyone's favorite protein is never, ever going away.

With the Launch of Drive-Through, Sweetgreen Is Going Full Suburban

The fast-casual chain launched its drive-through concept Sweetlane on November 15, an indication that the company is ready to be a big chain.

A Love Letter to Gael Greene, Who Treated Restaurant Criticism as Erotic Bloodsport

The legendary New York Magazine restaurant critic died on November 1 at the age of 88. Writer Jordana Rothman remembers her booming personality and fearless feather-ruffling approach.

Fancy Restaurants for Dogs Are Booming Right Now

With fine dining-style small plates and artful cupcakes, there's never been a better time for the dogs to dine out.

The 7 New Restaurants We’re Most Excited About in October

An Afrocentric grocer and café in Philly, Malaysian street food in San Francisco, and more from our most anticipated openings across the US this month.

'It's a Chicken Salad': Meet the Man Whose Deli Is All Over TikTok

East 81st Street Deli in Cleveland, Ohio recently went viral on TikTok for a signature salad. We spoke with owner Wael Herbawi, who sold almost 1,000 orders in just one day this week.

More Restaurant Critics Are Killing Star Ratings

A critical mass of publications are ditching their star- and point-based systems. Others, like The New York Times and The Boston Globe, still think they’re worthwhile. What happens next?

Prices Are Rising for Diners Everywhere. At Upscale Restaurants, the Reasons Aren’t Always Clear

Amid soaring inflation, most chefs are doing their best to keep prices down. But they notice other chefs taking advantage of the opportunity to upcharge dishes and institute lofty corkage fees.

Keith McNally Has Been a Controversy Magnet Since Way Before His Beef With James Corden

The New York restaurateur’s commitment to being an unvarnished version of himself on social media has made his Instagram as recognizable and highly trafficked as his restaurants.

TikTok Creators Are Reinventing the Scathing Restaurant Review

These TikTok tastemakers are ushering in a new style of brutal, lightning-fast restaurant reviews. And they’re here to stay.

Don’t Blame Inflation for This Fox News Contributor’s $28 Taco Bell Lunch

Rising prices are very real right now, but we have some questions about this order.

Pastry Chefs Fear They’re ‘Becoming Extinct’ as Restaurant Margins Shrink

It’s a struggle to find jobs. When they do, pastry chefs report feeling overlooked, overworked, and taken advantage of.

A Full List of NYC Restaurants That Kept, Earned, or Lost Michelin Stars in 2022

All three-starred restaurants remained, while Carbone and Peter Luger dropped off the list.

This Is the Year of the Fancy Deviled Egg

Covered in panko and topped with caviar, restaurants are giving the old-school appetizer its main character moment.

The New Restaurants We’re Most Excited About in September

Sephardic cooking in San Antonio, the food of Thai royalty in Brooklyn, and more from our most anticipated restaurant openings across the US this month.

What Do We Lose When Every City Has a Carbone?

The rapid expansion of celeb-magnet restaurants is making things harder for indie spots.

This Year's Heads of the Table Awards Celebrate Five Change-Makers

These people, organizations, and restaurants are making the food world more inclusive—and more uplifting.

Restaurant Reservation Culture Is Out of Control

Hour-and-a-half lines, elite memberships, shady reservation trading groups, and the battle to find somewhere to eat dinner.

BA's 10 Best New Restaurants of 2022

These new restaurants remind us exactly how thrilling dining out can be.

For Chef Vijay Kumar, the Path to Semma Began With Rice

A graphic novel chronicles the journey to opening Semma

Our 10 Favorite Restaurant Trends of 2022

Grandma plates, whole fish, and punch bowls galore!