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An tiramisu ice box cake with a slice showing the layers
This light, coffee-flavored cake is a fun twist on the decadent classic, with layers of Kahlúa-soaked ladyfingers set between a sweet mascarpone filling.
Raspberry cream cream cake on a cake stand next to slices of cake on small plates
Light, airy, and delicately sweet, this showstopper is inspired by the layered fruit and cream cakes in Japanese bakeries.
Image may contain Plant Food Dessert Sweets Confectionery Drink Beer Alcohol Beverage Vase and Pottery
From the always-sunny brain of Flour Shop’s Amirah Kassem, this colorful, festive cake with a surprise filling is about as celebratory as it gets.
This image may contain Food Cake Dessert and Torte
A showstopping tequila-soaked vanilla cake with sweet mango curd filling.
Image may contain Cutlery Fork Food Dessert Cake Torte and Birthday Cake
A coffee-and-cream layer cake from pastry chef Natasha Pickowicz.
A slice of black forest layer cake with four layers of chocolate sponge sandwiches with cherry preserves ganache and...
Some chocolate cakes can be overwhelmingly intense, but this one manages to feel light and balanced, with no single component dominating the others.
Image may contain Food Dessert Confectionery Sweets Chocolate and Cake
As if this chocolate layer mocha cake wasn't enough, it's made with strong coffee and mascarpone cheese. You have been warned.