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Tips, tricks, and techniques

All the New Year’s Eve Foods You Need for 2022

Welcome 2023 with the best bites, sips, and sweets you'll have all year.

Wilted Lettuce? Soak It in Hot—Yes, Hot—Water

It also works for tender herbs and hardy greens.

The Best Dishes Bon Appétit Staffers Cooked This Week

Like buttery cookies, comforting congee, and Sick Day soup.

It’s Not Just You, Lettuce Really Is More Expensive Than Ever

Thanks to inflation, yes, but also an insect-borne virus.

The Umami Blend I Reach for When My Dinner Tastes Meh

It’ll wake up any sleepy dish, from burgers to pastas to soups.

I Need a Fun Dinner Party Menu That Won’t Keep Me in the Kitchen All Night

In this week’s podcast we help a caller host a party she can actually enjoy.

Why I Always (Always) Keep a Box of Gnocchi in My Pantry

A fuss-free, sheet-pan dinner is reliably within reach.

My Chocolate Is Covered in a White Coating. Can I Eat It?

This common candy defect is known as bloom.

Sorry but Pilk Is Really Good

This drink is newly infamous thanks to a Lindsay Lohan Pepsi ad, but soda plus dairy has been around for ages.

A Steamy Blind Taste Test of 7 Hot Chocolate Mixes

Only one reminded us of skating rink hot chocolate.

What’s an Elaborate Baking Project I Can Make in a Teeny-Tiny Kitchen?

In this week’s podcast, host Chris Morocco recommends home bakers “think like a chef” to help navigate small spaces

This Simple Onion Pasta Is My New Go-To

Think French onion soup but weeknight-friendly.

If You’re Loudly Popping Champagne, You’re Doing It Wrong

Here’s the method pro bartenders use instead.

Creamy Soup Is Possible, Without the Cream

Or cheese, or milk, or half-and-half.

50,000+ Recipes From Bon Appétit and More, Right at Your Fingertips

Get unlimited access to recipes from BA—plus Epicurious, Gourmet, and our favorite cookbooks—in the new and improved Epicurious app.

What Does Our Food Editor Pour at a Holiday Party? Trader Joe’s Wine

Shilpa Uskokovic’s dream dinner party menu is unapologetically inexpensive.

What Do I Serve Dinner Guests When Almost Everything Feels Off the Table?

In this week's podcast, Bon Appétit recommends a menu for a group that includes vegetarians, cilantro-haters, and people who can't eat nuts or alliums.

What’s the Best Way to Reheat Leftover Pizza?

Chefs swear by a cast-iron skillet, TikTok suggests a waffle iron—we put four methods to the test.

Jacques Pépin's 5 Pro Tips for Home Cooking

Lessons learned from an iconic 70-plus-year career (with iconic recipes included, of course).

The Best Dishes Bon Appétit Staffers Cooked This Week

Thanksgiving classics, plus some tasty newbies.

The Only Yeast You Need to Buy Is Instant Yeast

It’s what our food editor swears by.

Dinner SOS: How Do I Cook Thanksgiving Dinner Without a Working Kitchen?

In this week’s podcast, Bon Appétit recommends two menus for a caller who has to host the Big Meal without a working oven or stove. And yes—we go all in on the grill.

Yotam Ottolenghi’s Kid-Friendliest Dinner

This mejadra, a childhood favorite of the chef, is riffable depending on what your kids do (and don’t) like.

Anything Chicken Can Do, Shrimp Can Do Faster

Like this weeknight winner with little potatoes and garlicky butter.

For Grown-Up PB&Js, Make This Spicy-Smoky Fruit Jam

It's three ingredients and comes together in minutes.

Can You Eat Deli Meat During Pregnancy?

A listeria outbreak in the US has been linked to sliced deli meat and cheese. Here's how to protect yourself while pregnant.

Solving a Friendsgiving Dinner Emergency Abroad

In the first episode of BA’s new Dinner SOS podcast, our team helps a caller planning her first Thanksgiving in Amsterdam.

This Creamy Potato Soup Is So Cheap and So Good

Top with sour cream and pickled peppers.

The Preserved Lemon Cake That Led to My Dream Job

Go behind the scenes of the test kitchen with associate food editor Zaynab Issa.