Everything Bon Appétit Editors Want to Receive This Holiday Season

Playful cocktail glasses, personalized spice sets, and bakeware that will be the center of attention.
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Collage by Julia Duarte

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Bon Appétit editors are full of wants (the obsessive hunger for a specific ice cream flavor from a Nancy Meyers movie) and needs (a way to keep spices fresher, longer), and our holiday wish lists reflect those desires. I asked my colleagues about the gifts they’re hoping to receive—as well as the ones they’re planning to give—and the responses ran the gamut from countertop kitchen appliances to handcrafted ceramics to premium pantry staples. Read on for inspiration from our editors for the food-obsessed person in your life. 

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

Ever since I saw It’s Complicated, I’ve wanted my own ice cream maker. Meryl Streep’s character says she makes honey lavender ice cream whenever she can’t sleep, and as a sometimes insomniac, I’ve lain awake many nights thinking about it. This year it’s finally time to ask for my most coveted single-use kitchen appliance. I’ve had my eye on this Cuisinart one, which topped product tests from our friends over at Epicurious. It makes 1½ quarts, which is just enough to keep in my apartment freezer. Plus, it has a simple and easy-to-use design, so I know I can get started making ice cream in the middle of the night no matter how tired I am. —Olivia Quintana, associate social media manager

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

Great Jones Ceramic Bakeware Bundle

Every time I stumble upon images of Great Jones’s dazzling casserole dishes and pie plates on Instagram, I internally scream, “I…need…these!” Have you seen the way they can elevate the presentation of an already-gorgeous fruit cobbler? This holiday season, I’ve officially put the Stoneware Sweeties Set on my wish list (and even specified that I’d like it in the color Blueberry). Hopefully my boyfriend is reading this. —Tiffany Hopkins, commerce writer

Stoneware Sweeties

Mamo Cocktail Glasses

A nice set of martini glasses is maybe the most grown-up thing one can own. You pour an ice-cold gin martini into a stylish glass, and suddenly you’re chic and put-together. Which is why this year, I’m gifting these absolutely gorgeous Mamo glasses, which are not only pleasant to look at, but also multifunctional—the smaller cup holds a perfect 2-ounce shot, while the larger cup is 7 ounces, a little larger than a standard martini glass. —June Kim, head of digital video

Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine

My husband has gotten about as far into coffee gear as a home enthusiast can get without crossing into the land of the espresso machine—and I think it’s time. This year I’ll be gifting him this good-for-small-spaces Breville machine, which (they say!) is quick and easy to use without much of a learning curve. I’ll pair it with some toddler cups from one of my favorite brands, East Fork. Sure, they’re made for juice-sipping kids, but they fit a shot of espresso just the same. —Sonia Chopra, executive editor

FinaMill Spice Grinder

I first saw the FinaMill spice grinder in a local cookware store in Cincinnati, and I immediately added it to my holiday wish list. The electric spice mill comes with individual pods, which make it convenient for any type of cook. You can keep spices whole in the pods and grind as much or as little as you need, which will help preserve their freshness longer than pre-ground spices or pre-made blends. Personally, I can't wait to toast my own whole spices for garam masala and keep them tucked away in the pods until they’re ready to use. —Urmila Ramakrishnan, social media associate director 

FinaMill Spice Grinder

East Fork Ceramic Serveware

Friends and colleagues gifted me a few stunning serving-sized East Fork ceramics pieces when I got married this year, and they’ve already come into play when hosting dinner parties. A shallow bowl with an eight-cup capacity is my go-to for salads, while the 14.5-inch serving platter fits crispy-skinned salmon with plenty of kale. I loaned it to a neighbor for her dinner party because it turned out she didn’t have an appropriately large plate, and it signaled that gifting an elegant, large-format piece of serveware can really make a meal go from regular to special—and it’s not something folks would normally buy for themselves. —Serena Dai, digital editorial director

East Fork Coupe

East Fork Serving Platter

Burlap & Barrel Spice Set

I have a great-aunt who loves to bake, a wellness-obsessed friend who adds turmeric to everything, and a brother who brings hot sauce everywhere. What’s a cooking-related gift I can get for all three of them? Enter Burlap & Barrel’s Build Your Own Gift Set. You can select six or more spices, from Royal Cinnamon for the baker, New Harvest Turmeric for the health nut, and Red Jalapeño Chili Flakes for the heat-seeker. Don’t forget to order one for yourself so that you, too, will have the best spices in the game to cook and bake with for months to come. —Kate Kassin, editorial operations associate

Spice Gift Bundles

Stackable Glassware

I love a mismatched look, but our water glass situation has gotten so dire recently that I have been drinking out of commemorative plastic cups from baseball games on Zoom meetings. Nothing wrong with a souvenir cup, but since you’re asking, the gift at the top of my list right now is a new set of pretty, stackable water glasses that transition effortlessly from day to night (a.k.a. pull double duty for iced coffees and party drinks). —S.C.

Bormioli Rocco Stackable Bodega Glasses