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Rotisserie chicken, store-bought puff pastry, and just one skillet keep this hearty dinner recipe from feeling too fussy—or taking all day to make.
A platter of tostones  with a bowl of creamy green dipping sauce on the side.
Make this easy recipe for tostones for any get-together. The twice-fried plantains with creamy, spicy cilantro dipping sauce is the ultimate party flex.
Three types of Japanese onigiri rice balls formed into triangles and decorated with strips of nori and furikake.
This easy onigiri recipe is infinitely adaptable, doesn’t require any special equipment, and makes a perfect snack to enjoy on the go.
Only 6 ingredients, and you'll always know when it's done.
Kosher salt in a salt cellar with a spoon dug into the grains.
Kosher salt is standard in the BA test kitchen; but which salt you choose depends on how you want to use it.

Lisa Elbert

Master this basic technique and use these jammy, sweet onions in absolutely everything.
You can put whatever you want in it, and you don’t even need to turn on your oven.
Crosssection of a perfectly ripe avocado with the seed still in place.
You’ve been there: It’s the morning before you need to use an avocado, which is as solid as a rock. Don’t panic. There’s still hope.

Antara Sinha

A square strawberry shortcake recipe shot from above with bright red saucy berries a sugartopped biscuit and oozing...
You can make this classic summertime dessert with whatever seasonal berries are calling your name.
A pot of green chiletopped queso dip set in the center of a sheet pan loaded with tortilla chips.
You could be totally hammered halfway through the Super Bowl and still make this queso. It’s that easy.
Our better-than-ever broccoli cheddar is lighter, brighter, and less gloppy than the kind you’d find in your corporate cafeteria—with a creaminess that comes from blended potatoes and broccoli stalks rather than heavy cream.
classic chicken noodle soup
This chicken noodle soup recipe is about as comforting as they come. 
Perfect OvenRoasted Potatoes recipe
Crispy. Creamy. Salty. And all the other things roasted potatoes were born to be.
Image may contain Confectionery Food Sweets Breakfast Seasoning and Sesame
What it is, what it's good for, and what to do when you don't have any.

Molly Baz

best oil for frying
You better not be wasting a fortune deep-frying in olive oil.

Alex Delany

Tostadas on a stone surface spread thick with refried black beans and topped with shredded chicken tinga cilantro and...
Everything you could possibly want in a tostada (and then some): shredded chicken smothered with a smoky, spicy tomato salsa, bacony refried beans, and a smattering of cilantro and cheese.
Congee Recipe
Since congee can take hours to make on the stovetop, we came up with a clever trick: Rinse the rice and freeze it overnight. 
Fresh and herby. Rich and eggy. Tangy and spicy. Whatever you need, we’ve got all of our best potato salad recipes right here.
This flavorful lamb patty with lemony yogurt sauce is guaranteed to spice up your burger routine. 
Foil pack camping dinner with potatoes and butter
Get the fire going, pour a drink, and relax—dinner is a bunch of stuff steamed in a foil packet.

Alex Beggs

Image may contain Drink Juice Beverage Orange Juice and Lemonade
With a bottle of this sunny concoction on hand, a whole host of tart, refreshing cocktails are just a shake away.

Amiel Stanek

stack of Coconut Ice Cream Sandwiches With Salty Chocolate Shell
We stopped running after ice cream trucks ever since we started dipping chewy, coconut cookie ice cream sandwiches in chocolate.
Image may contain Food Dish Meal Platter Pizza and Plant
It’s meaty, versatile, and super forgiving. What are you waiting for?

Kendra Vaculin